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Hosted Desktop

The All-Inclusive Package

Are you interested in handing over the maintenance of your own ICT infrastructure? The only requirements are internet access and your own workstation.

Give us the responsibility for your infrastructure operation and maintenance. You will not only save time, but be confident in knowing your data is treated according to the highest enterprise standards. We work in compliance with Swiss data privacy laws, which are among the strictest in the world.

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Secure Login

How does the access to Hosted Desktop work? Is my data actually secure there?

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Your Benefits

No need of own ICT Infrastructure

Predictable Operating Costs

High Availability and Performance

No Infrastructure Cost Surprises

Newest Hard- and Software

High Mobility

Professional Backup

Professional Support - 24x7

High Security Standards

Protective Functions

Save Time

Your contact person for Hosted Desktop

Paul Bärtschi
CEO Canada


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